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Lisa Olson Counseling

Unleash your superpower.

There's so much you want to say.

It starts like a fire deep in your belly and rises through your throat.

But it gets stuck. You figure that with so many voices already in the mix, what use could yours serve.

So, you swallow it down and hope for the best.

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Itty-Bitty Sh*tty-Committee

It's like a crowd of people all yelling for your attention at once.

You're unsure how to distinguish the helpful voices from the harmful ones.

So, you try to turn down the volume with - pick your poison: food, shopping, scrolling social media, substances, sex, a few beers, watching TV, obsessively exercising, constant busy-ness.

Whatever can distract you momentarily from the incessant racket in your mind.

You tell yourself the same unhelpful stories again and again.

There's an old "plug and play" story looping through your mind.

They always have the same plot, unhappy ending, and villain (you).

That overly critical voice in your head tells you that you're broken and unworthy.

Shame, anger, and sadness keep you from doing the things that once brought you joy.

You feel like a prisoner in your own life.

Things weren't always this way.

There was a time when you brimmed with self-confidence.

You were able to face any new opportunity head-on with strength and determination.

But now, every obstacle feels insurmountable.

The weight of it is all too much.

You've been operating at maximum bandwidth for so long.

This pressure is always simmering right below the surface.

Any small thing could set you off; it's not a matter of if but when you will snap.

It is affecting everyone around you.

You pride yourself on being an understanding parent, but lately, you find yourself losing patience with your kids.

It comes naturally to you to please people, but it's become impossible to tend to your partner's well-being when you can't even take care of yourself.

You like to be someone your friends and family can rely on, but until you find peace within, you are in no shape to help anyone else.

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap is London's infamous mantra. In every underground station, rail passengers are issued the warning to “Mind the Gap” as the precious reminder to pay attention to the space between the station platform and the train door.

“Mind the [spatial] Gap” is so important that it is broadcast audibly on the loudspeaker and visually on the platform for every single train every day.

Knowing about this space can save your life. Mind the Gap!

You might be thinking, “What the…?” I am visiting a website for a therapist. Why on earth is she talking about the British subway?”

There is a gap that exists within us. It is the space between stimulus and response. It lasts a split second, but it can mean the vast difference between the life that is happening to you and the great, big fat life you create for yourself.

Something must change.

You are tired of feeling like a passive bystander in your life.

Living trapped in fear is no longer an option.

A better life is achievable, and together we can get there.

"Find out who you are and do it on purpose."

- Dolly Parton

Pausing is a superpower.
Mind the gap.

I can help you unleash it to create the life you want! Schedule a free consultation call to learn how I might help.

Hi, I'm Lisa.

  • And I'm passionate about unlocking the boundless potential within each of us. Through discovering the transformative power of the inner pause, I've witnessed lives undergo remarkable changes.

    I'm here to guide you in recognizing and embracing this pause, empowering you to make intentional choices and cultivate the life you desire. In a supportive environment, you'll learn to navigate intense emotions, communicate effectively, and establish healthy boundaries, ultimately improving your relationships and your relationship with yourself.

    Let's embark on this journey together, reclaiming control and embracing the possibilities ahead.

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    Lisa Olson


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Offering individual, group, and family therapy

Therapy in South Lake Tahoe and Online throughout California, Nevada & Idaho

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