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Online Therapy

Receiving therapy online is a viable option.

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Like it or not, technology shapes our world. Technology is so influential that some technology companies have become verbs in our everyday language. We Xerox (For those born in this millennium, a “Xerox” is a photocopy!). We Google, Uber, and now, Zoom.

The pandemic didn’t leave us much to feel excited about, but it did give modern societies more mainstream access to global virtual connections. When we wanted to connect with our loved ones or work colleagues, we used video platforms to stay connected and safe in our bubbles.

Online therapy (also known as telehealth, teletherapy, and virtual therapy) quickly became a vital resource for quarantined people needing access to mental health services. Believe it or not, telemedicine and teletherapy have been around for decades. They rose to prominence, however, during the pandemic. A large volume of research indicates that clinical outcomes with telehealth are as good as or better than traditional in-person therapy.

Online therapy involves a real-time session where the client(s) and the licensed mental health professional are in separate or remote locations and communicate via secure and confidential virtual conferencing technology or applications. Simply put, we both log onto the same safe and confidential link to meet for our therapy sessions.

Online therapy offers many benefits.

Flexible scheduling – Whether it’s your lunch hour at work, waiting at your kid’s soccer practice in the afternoon, or cozied up in your own home at the end of a long day, you can receive therapy anywhere when we connect!

Zero commute – You can lower your stress levels by eliminating the time (traffic!) and costs (gas prices right now!) associated with the commute to an in-person therapy appointment, regardless of how far away my office is from you.

Consistent access – Do you travel a lot for work or pleasure? Honestly, you can be anywhere in the world for your appointment! Even though going to therapy while traveling out of town might sound like a new concept, keeping your regular appointment might be an excellent self-care outlet to keep your relationship skills fresh and your life running smoothly.

Family balance – You can run a load of laundry, put that casserole in the oven, and let the kids nap, all while we meet!

Health safety – By staying in the safety of your home, you decrease the risk of exposure to illnesses (thanks pandemic!) and the risk of transmission to others, should you show symptoms of something.

Here’s how you make your connection meaningful.

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You will need access to a consistent, reliable high-speed Internet connection (WiFi, data, and/or signal) capable of supporting our virtual connection. You can access sessions from your computer or within an app on your phone or tablet.

Please plan for 5-10 minutes of “waiting room time” before your session, as if you were visiting my office. Make the time to ‘check your tech,’ grab a glass of water, collect your thoughts, and settle into your space, which is private and free of distractions.

Some common space choices are your bedroom, work or home office, walk-in closets, nearby park, or backyard. Even a parked car provides privacy.

Please breathe and deal with technological failure. Sometimes, there is a delay, video screens freeze, or connections drop.

Resilience, flexibility, and patience go a long way. Be assured that I will do all I can to ensure that our sessions continue with as few interruptions as possible, even if I need to switch confidential platforms to stay connected.

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I can vouch for the success of online therapy! My therapist lives hundreds of miles away from me. In 2016, long before the pandemic, I had some very specific issues crop up in my life, needed an expert to help me, and was having trouble finding one.

Coincidentally, during that same time, I was participating in a year-long professional training cohort with other therapists. Many there highly recommended this professional. The problem (for me!) was that she didn’t live anywhere near me.

If I was going to commit, I needed to do therapy online. I had apprehensions. It was beyond my understanding that therapy could be effective if we were in separate spaces.

Eventually, when I finally made the call, I learned that my therapist was a perfect fit for my issues that needed attention. So successful was our therapy that I still work online with her today! Much to my surprise, the most profound therapeutic work I have ever done has been with my online therapist.

I understand you might have questions, too. That’s okay. As I said, I started with my current therapist before the pandemic when it seemed super weird. I have since learned how effective online therapy can be if it is your preference and we are a good fit!

The process is straightforward.

For video sessions, I use a secure, HIPPA-compliant (i.e., totally private) video platform for online counseling for residents in California and Nevada, accessible from your computer, tablet, or phone.

I will send you a secure link that you can use to enter our sessions. All you need is a reliable high-speed Internet connection.

I will conduct virtual sessions like I do for in-person sessions. We collaborate to reach your stated therapeutic goals. It is just a bit more comfortable to wear pajamas when we meet online. However, I welcome you to my in-person office in your pajamas, too.

Meeting online provides a new option that meets obstacles that keep you from receiving the help you need. Contact me so we can start meeting face to face online.

Find the peace and happiness you deserve.

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